Low Iron and Solar

IGT maintains an extensive inventory of low iron (water white) glass intended for applications that require a high transmission value and low coloration. Many of these are patterned and offer unique characteristics for the lighting and solar markets. Glasses that have a texture on one surface are either rolled or cast rather created by a float process.

  • Low iron glasses have similar chemical composition and properties as soda-lime float glass except the iron oxide content is significantly reduced, providing a less “greenish” tint. Each glass manufacturer has their own method and characteristic remaining coloration. IGT can provide any of the manufacturer’s products that are commercially available, including Starphire™, Optiwhite™, Diamant™, and UltraWhite™.
  • Krystal Klear™ is a clear product with a slight straw color and is popular for appliance, lighting and solar applications. Click here to see a performance data sheet for Krystal Klear™.
  • Solite® is a diffuse water white product that has a small prismatic pattern rolled on one side. It spreads light uniformly in all directions and is translucent.
    Click here to see a performance data sheet for Solite®.
  • Solatex® is a lightly rippled water white glass that is not as diffuse as Solite® and is less translucent.
    Click here to see a performance data sheet for Solatex®.
  • Crystal 73™ also known as C73, is heavily prismatic on one side and offers an attractive surface that spreads light primarily in two axes.
    Click here to see a performance data sheet for Crystal 73™.
  • Linear Spread glass has a linearly ribbed pattern on one side which causes light to be spread primarily in one axis. There are several versions of this pattern depending upon the size and spacing of the ribs and the base material. The base material for the thinner rib is a water white soda-lime glass and for the coarser rib it is a borosilicate type glass.


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